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Democratic Civil War Heats Up as Tulsi Gabbard Sues Hillary Clinton

Clinton, who isn’t even running for office, has been sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong – and Tulsi’s not having it!

At the rate they’re going, the Democrats won’t have anyone left to run for President by the time the general election rolls around.

The left is embroiled in a bitter fight at the moment, with the radical youth of the party attempting to pry power from the Deep State Dems.  It’s Bernie’s socialism versus Biden’s centrism, and it’s being played out on the national stage in bizarre ways.

For instance, former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has again inserted herself into the 2020 conversation, despite not choosing to actually run for office, by trashing candidates deemed dangerous to the Biden stranglehold on polling.  In one such outburst, she described Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard as a “Russian asset”, claiming that the combat veteran was being “groomed” by the Kremlin to be a spoiler in the 2020 race.

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For that, Clinton is getting slapped with a rather substantial lawsuit.

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Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii is accusing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of deliberately spreading false accusations that Gabbard is a Russian asset in a lawsuit seeking upwards of $50 million in damages.

During an October 2019 interview with the podcast Campaign HQ With David Plouffe, Clinton suggested the 2020 presidential candidate was “the favorite of the Russians” and “a Russian asset.” Gabbard insists these statements have no grounds in reality, and that Clinton knew or should have known this at the time.

“Rather than facts or reliable evidence, Clinton’s basis for the Defamatory Statements was one or both of: (a) her own imagination; or (b) extremely dubious conspiracy theories that any reasonable person (and especially Clinton, a former United States Senator and Secretary of State) would know to be fanciful, wholly unverified, and inherently and objectively unreliable,” said the lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Manhattan federal court.

It is doubtful that Gabbard will succeed in squeezing a single penny out of Clinton over the comment, but the lawsuit still serves as an inspiration to those who have long felt intimidated Clinton and the Democratic Deep State that she represents.


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