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Democratic Georgia Senator Pushes Back on Biden Baseball Blathering

The break was a bit of a surprise.

The State of Georgia has long been a warm place, with it’s capital being referred to as “Hotlanta” by everyone except for  the locals, who rather despise the term.

But, this week, things are heating up politically in the Peach State after Governor Brian Kemp signed a highly unpopular law into effect that seeks to tighten regulations regarding voting ID and other polling place issues.  The law has garnered a swift rebuke from Democrats and Republicans alike, and President Joe Biden has even offered his support for the possibly of major boycotts in Georgia on account of it.

On Opening Day, Biden even expressed his belief that the MLB should consider moving the All Star Game out of Atlanta in protest.

One of Georgia’s newest Democratic Senators disagrees.

Sen. Jon Ossoff, D-Ga., said he won’t support moving Major League Baseball’s All-Star game out of Georgia in protest of the state’s new divisive voting law.

Ossoff’s stance is a break from President Biden, who told ESPN on Wednesday he would “strongly support” baseball players who want to move the July game from Atlanta’s Truist Park to another state to boycott the election law that Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, enacted last week.

“I absolutely oppose and reject any notion of boycotting Georgia,” Ossoff said. “Georgia welcomes business, investment, jobs, opportunity, and events. In fact, economic growth is driving much of the political progress we have seen here. Georgia welcomes the world’s business. Corporations disgusted like we are with the disgraceful Voter Suppression bill should stop any financial support to Georgia’s Republican Party, which is abusing its power to make it harder for Americans to vote.”

Other major corporations tied to Georgia have also weighed in on the law, with the CEO’s of both Delta and Coca-Cola calling the legislation “unacceptable”.

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