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DEMOCRATS ’24: More Clues Emerge for Possible Biden Replacement

This can only mean one thing…

Given what we now know about how Joe Biden runs the country, there are plenty of folks on both sides of the aisle looking to see the incumbent President replaced on the 2024 Democratic ticket.

There are fears, of course, that this would lead to a potential run by Vice President Kamala Harris – a situation that the left fears far more than Biden babbling through a reelection campaign.

Now, as these worries continue to swirl, there are some significant clues emerging about some potential challengers to both Biden and Harris.

[California] Gov. Gavin Newsom, finishing his first trip Wednesday under the banner of a national campaign to speak out against red state policies, met with students of New College of Florida, the small liberal arts school that has become a culture war flashpoint under Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The public college in Sarasota, known as a “community of free thinkers, risk takers and trailblazers,” has become a target in DeSantis’ crusade against higher education, which he depicts as a bastion of so-called “woke” liberal ideology.

On January 6, the Republican governor effectively seized control, placing six conservative allies on the college’s board of directors. They include GOP activist Christopher Rufo, who orchestrated right-wing attacks on critical race theory. Once a little-known, graduate-level framework for the study of racism’s impact on American institutions, it became a conservative rallying cry, with baseless claims that it had been introduced into K-12 education as a form of anti-white indoctrination.

Newsom appeared to be specifically targeting DeSantis, perhaps under the belief that the Florida and California Governors may be meeting each other on a much more prominent political stage in the not-so-distant future.

Newsom condemned DeSantis’ “zest for demonization,” and said that their school has become a symbolic battle ground for right-wing culture wars.

“This isn’t about you,” he said. “It’s about a movement they want to export everywhere else.”

The visit wraps up Newsom’s fourth day on the road with his wife and children, traveling to Republican-controlled states “where freedom is most under attack,” according to a recent campaign ad.

The Golden State lawmaker has been targeting his Sunshine State colleague for months now, with DeSantis widely believed to be entering the 2024 Republican nomination race sooner rather than later.

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