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Democrats Defend Biden Skipping Debates, Says Trump is ‘Illegitimate’ Candidate

An ‘illegitimate’ incumbent President? That’s a first.

2020’s presidential election has already cemented itself as one of the more bizarre elections in modern history, and we still have three months until the actual event.

First and foremost, we are dealing with a global pandemic whose effects are being felt most notably within the United States at this time.  There’s no telling exactly what sort of state our nation will be in once November rolls around, prompting many to call for mail-in voting options for at-risk Americans who are concerned about physically visiting their crowded polling places.

Furthermore, incumbent Republican President Donald Trump has yet to agree to debating presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.  For his part, Biden is getting some wild advice from the liberal left, with many suggesting that he skip the debates as well.  The obvious reason for this reluctance is Biden’s slipping cognitive capacity, with Democrats fearing that the gaffe-prone former veep may not be able to keep his foot out of his mouth long enough to appear mentally sharp.

The left isn’t likely to admit that, however, and are using all manner of hyperbole to shield that point of view while still urging Biden to bow out.

A number of Democrats, including Bill Kristol, are urging that the debates be canceled.

A former senior adviser to Hillary Clinton agrees: “Biden shouldn’t feel obligated to throw Trump a lifeline by granting him any debates at all. This is not a normal presidential election and Trump is not a legitimate candidate,” Zac Petkanas tweeted last week.

And then there’s Thomas Friedman, an anti-Trump New York Times columnist, who urged Biden just last week not to debate the president unless Trump agrees to “two conditions.” Of course those conditions are ridiculous — Trump must release his tax returns and agree to “real-time fact checking” during the debate — and will never be agreed to, and therefore ensure there will be no debates.

Trump and Biden have traded numerous barbs regarding each other’s mental and physical health, in an election cycle that appears to be turning more brazen and bombastic by the day.

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