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Democrats look to water down progressive ideals as ‘compromise candidate’ surges

The left isn’t concerned with governing the country in 2020. They are only interested in trouncing Trump.

For the democrats, the transformation from a functioning political party to a Trump-hating lynch mob is nearly complete.

Handicapped by their undeniable hatred of all things Trump, the liberal left has brought a new stagnation to Washington DC.  Any and all attempts by President Trump to move legislation through Congress has been stymied by the “resistance”, and their incessant need to thwart and delegitimize The Donald.

When it comes to the 2020 election, this tactic has been weaponized.  No longer are the democrats attempting to campaign on ideas, policies, and grit.  Instead, the primaries are shaping up to be a contest to see which candidate can actually take a run at unseating the incumbent Trump.

Due to this new political reality, the left is wholly abandoning their duty to the American people in order to compromise on a candidate whose sole purpose would be to end Trump’s presidency.

This is in part why Elizabeth Warren is surging ahead of the first democratic debate.

It’s a sign of how the ideological lanes of the 2020 primary have blurred and overlapped and of the steady progress Warren is making as a candidate. But it’s also a statement on Bernie Sanders, Warren’s top rival for progressive votes. Sanders continues to face significant resistance from within the party — and nowhere more so than among the moderates and establishment players who blanch at his talk of democratic socialism.

Warren, on the other hand, is gaining traction among those who once rejected her muscular vision of liberalism. She’s drawn notice for her wide-ranging “I have a plan for that” policy playbook, which has just enough growth-and-opportunity, center-left measures to earn her a serious look from former detractors. The Massachusetts senator may be out of sync with party centrists, but she’s drawn at least one sharp line with Sanders that is resonating with prominent moderate voices as she surges into the top tier in national and early state polls.

Warren seems poised, at this early stage, to the the democrats’ only viable, centrist-ish alternative to the indelibly flawed Joe Biden – the current leader in almost all progressive polling.


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