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Democrats looking to change rules to allow for further legal action against Trump and Co.

This new tactic is no different than an angler changing his lures in a pond with no fish to catch.

The democrats simply won’t stop.

In the wake of the Mueller report’s release, top congressional democrats have been rabid in their opposition to President Trump and the White House.  Their interpretation of the document, which is not shared by Attorney General Bill Barr, portends that Donald Trump did commit obstruction of justice and that Robert Mueller was simply handing over a “roadmap to impeachment”.

The President and the DOJ haven’t seen it this way, leading to a stagnation of American legislative activity.

In their quest to delegitimize Trump, the House Judiciary Committee has been issuing subpoenas left and right, hoping to ensnare witnesses from the completed Mueller report into testifying before the legislative body and the American public.  Given the White House’s take on the RussiaGate finale, these witnesses have been instructed to defy the subpoenas – an action that has congressional leaders mulling how best to enforce their contempt charges.

Now, in an effort to subvert the longstanding machinations of Congress, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler and his team are trying a new angle – one that many believe is way out of line.

Democrats are pushing a resolution through the House Tuesday that would make it easier to sue President Donald Trump’s administration and potential witnesses, paving the way for legal action against those who defy subpoenas in Congress’ Russia probe and other investigations.

The House resolution would authorize lawsuits against Attorney General William Barr and former White House counsel Don McGahn for defying subpoenas pertaining to special counsel Robert Mueller’s report . It also would empower committee chairmen to take legal action to enforce subpoenas without a vote of the full House, as long as they have approval from a bipartisan group of House leaders.

This is a new tactic for the democrats, and one that could set dangerous precedents for future administrations to come.

“If the department proceeds in good faith and we are able to obtain everything that we need, then there will be no need to take further steps,” Nadler said in a statement. “If important information is held back, then we will have no choice but to enforce our subpoena in court and consider other remedies.”

The President has repeatedly called for the investigation to end, claiming that congressional democrats are not entitled to any “do-overs” of the Mueller probe.

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