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Democrats Looks to Bring Articles of Impeachment to Fruition During Busy Holiday Season

The American people are growing weary during this impeachment fiasco, and the Democrats know it.

The House Democrats in charge of this latest impeachment “inquiry” are now attempting to inject some pace into their proceedings, and for good reason:  Donald Trump is consistently and continually snatching control of the narrative away from them.

The left believed, perhaps foolishly, that making announcement and voting to pass “resolutions” was somehow going to scare Donald Trump into bending the knee.  They thought that he would be spooked by the word “impeachment”, maybe.

Instead, they’ve run into a brick wall of bombastic behavior that is running circles around them in the media and on Twitter.

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Sensing that their backs are against the wall, the Democrats are now hoping to speed things up significantly.

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House Democrats are signaling they are now on a fast-track in their impeachment proceedings, avoiding court battles that could delay their inquiry and limiting the number of witnesses at public hearings — all signs that President Donald Trump could be impeached as soon as next month.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not shared her thinking on the final timeline with her colleagues, and Democratic sources say the timing is still fluid and could continue to evolve.

But in a series of moves this week, Democrats have shown they are rapidly moving to complete the proceedings by Christmas, something that could result in Trump being just the third president to be impeached in history.

The schedule became apparent in recent days after House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, announced that public hearings would begin next week and also suggested Thursday there’s a limit to the witnesses they would call for the public hearings.

As the impeachment kerfuffle grows ever more complex and convoluted, the American people grow ever impatient.  For many, it will soon reach a point in which they would prefer to allow for the 2020 election to settle the matter of President Trump’s fitness for office.


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