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Democrats Trying to Dig Up Dirt on DOJ’s Handling of Roger Stone Case

Is the left simply attempting to preempt a presidential pardon, perhaps?

As President-elect Trump began making his way toward the nation’s capital back in the final months of 2016, the Washington machine was hard at work making things difficult for him.

Through evidence gathered over the course of the last three years, Americans are beginning to piece together a particularly worrisome picture of this transition period.  That’s because the “RussiaGate” scandal being touted by the Democratic Party during this timeframe has now given way to the “ObamaGate” scandal, in which it appears as though there was a coordinated effort to smear President Trump as a Kremlin asset as he ascended to power.

Robert Mueller’s investigation was merely the tip of the Democrats’ spear in this endeavor, and there were no shortage of Trump acquaintances who were targeted:  Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, and Roger Stone to name the most prominent.

Now, years removed from the anti-climatic end of Mueller’s probe, the Democrats are still trying to nail Stone to wall.

A prosecutor who quit the Justice Department over the Roger Stone case is expected to criticize the DOJ’s handling of Stone’s sentencing during testimony on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, saying officials treated the political operative “differently from everyone else” because of his relationship with President Trump.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Aaron S.J. Zelinsky was subpoenaed last week to testify before the House Judiciary Committee as part of a broad investigation launched by Democrats into the “unprecedented politicization” of the Justice Department under the leadership of Attorney General William Barr.

The language of Zelinsky’s opening statement is unmistakable.

Zelinksy, in his prepared opening statement, is expected to testify that the sentencing for Stone was handled in an “unusual and unprecedented way.”

“What I saw was the Department of Justice Exerting significant pressure on the line prosecutors in the case to obscure the correct Sentencing Guidelines calculation to which Roger Stone was subject — and to water down and in some cases outright distort the events that transpired in his trial and the criminal conduct that gave rise to his conviction,” Zelinsky is expected to say.

Stone has been the subject of numerous, well-supported petitions aimed at conjuring a presidential pardon for the famed political provocateur and friend of the President, but, thus far, there has been no indication that this wish will be granted.

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