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Dems Try Cutting Progressives Off at the Pass with Early Biden ’24 Endorsement

The establishment is nipping a certain potential Biden challenger in the bud.

There has long been a wild and vociferous civil war occurring within the ranks of the Democratic Party, with the boisterous and social-media savvy progressives newcomers doing everything that they can do, (in front of a camera), to push the organization as far to the left as possible.

And, for years now, it has seemed to work but at the expense of the Democrats’ integrity.

The most prominent example of this progressive impasse has some to us from Vermont, where far left Senator Bernie Sanders’ repeated president campaigns have persisted long into the primary season, threatening to derail the Democratic “status quo”.

With Joe Biden’s 2024 already off to a rather weak start considering that 70% of the nation doesn’t want him to run again at all, the Democratic Party knew that Ol’ Joe wouldn’t survive another battering of radical leftist attacks, and it appears as though they got the Bernie Bros out of the way early.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont said Tuesday that he would forgo another presidential bid of his own and instead endorse President Joe Biden’s reelection.

The leading progressive, who was Biden’s chief rival in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, told The Associated Press that he would “do everything I can to see the president is reelected.”

Unsurprisingly, Sanders found a way to use the moment to insult Republicans.

“The last thing this country needs is a Donald Trump or some other right-wing demagogue who is going to try to undermine American democracy or take away a woman’s right to choose, or not address the crisis of gun violence, or racism, sexism or homophobia,” Sanders said in an interview. “So, I’m in to do what I can to make sure that the president is reelected.”

The early and resounding-sounding endorsements that the Democratic Party are gathering at this time could also be used to push other liberals, like Marianne Williamson, out of the race in an attempt to save Biden the humiliation of stepping onto a debate stage during the primaries.

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