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Despite Health Risk, Atlanta Sneakerheads Line Up for Air Jordan Release

Will Atlanta be the next NYC?

We’re not sure what part of “social distancing” and “essential” are so hard to understand for people, but some of the ways that Americans have chosen to spend this pandemic have been a little odd.

First, and perhaps most notoriously, there were the spring breakers who decided to mingle with one another in Florida at a time in which the rest of the nation was locking down.  They even allowed themselves to be interviewed on television as they flaunted their flippant attitudes.

Several would later test positive for COVID-19.

Now, in Atlanta, a number of sneaker enthusiasts have displayed a similar lack of concern and it’s drawing widespread criticism.

An Atlanta, Georgia, mall saw massive crowds gather on Saturday, with people lining up to buy the recently released Air Jordan sneakers after Republican Gov. Brian Kemp lifted lockdown restrictions over the weekend.

Shoppers formed lines that wrapped around the Greenbriar Mall on Saturday, to own a pair of the newly released Air Jordan 5 “Fire-Red” sneakers, WXIA reported.

A video posted to social media showed people waiting on a line to get into the mall and then on another line outside the shoe store Jimmy Jazz.

The video was making the rounds on social media.

Worse still was the scene at nearby Piedmont Park.

Given Atlanta’s notoriety as an east coast transportation hub, one can only imagine the danger that some are putting themselves in for the sake of a sneaker or a suntan.

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