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DHS Whistleblower Who Ratted on Obama Administration Found Dead

The circumstances surrounding the incident are raising eyebrows across the political spectrum.

It is often easy to find ourselves wondering about the dark underbelly of the American political world, and what sort of clandestine shenanigans are really happening behind the Capitol curtains.

Sure, it could be nothing.  We could be imbuing some sort of sinister slant on these elected officials on account of their inefficiency and overall sleazy nature.

Or the powers that be are real, and are more powerful than anything we’ve seen in pop culture.  The real truth of the illuminati, or the freemasons, or whomever you believe sits at the top of this pyramid may be so far out there that we’d never find it; not in a million years of exploratory fiction.

And that’s why we’re always so intrigued by stories of federal rabble-rousers who find themselves expiring ahead of their time.

Like this one:

Philip Haney, a former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official during the Obama administration who blew the whistle on shortcomings within his own agency, was found dead in California on Friday with a “gunshot wound” to the chest, several news outlets report, citing a statement from the law enforcement.

Although authorities have said the gunshot wound “appears” to be “self-inflicted,” stressing that the investigation is ongoing, 66-year-old Haney had been missing since February 19 and died from a gunshot wound to his chest two days later, Red State and Heavy reported.

Not everyone believed everything they were hearing, however.

Gunshot wounds to the chest are uncommon in the case of suicides, data reportedly show. Haney’s death has triggered a wave of claims suggesting he may have been a victim of foul play.

Echoing some of the whistleblower’s friends, a number of senior congressional officials have expressed alarm to Breitbart News about this, noting that they do no believe Haney was suicidal.

So long as there are concerns about what matters are discussed in the dark corners of our nation’s political labyrinth, we will find ourselves with a wisp of a fog of doubt lingering in the back of our brains.

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