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Did investigators find Jeffery Epstein’s blackmail stash in his NYC mansion?

This could get extremely interesting in the coming weeks.

The arrest this week of Jeffrey Epstein was undoubtedly a shocking turn of events, but the most sensational chapters of this story have yet to be written.

Epstein has long been known as a pedophile.  The ultra wealthy financier and political influencer was arrested 15 years ago for charges stemming from his sexual interactions with underaged women, but served only 13 months of mostly work-release after pleading guilty to two charges of “soliciting”.  His sweetheart deal was arranged by current Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, whose career is all but over in Washington.  Numerous high profile members of Congress have already called for his resignation, and that number certainly won’t be shrinking anytime soon.

For many, that lackadaisical sentence was not only inexcusable, but simply offensive.  This man was a pedophile, whose wealth allowed him near-unfettered access to the world around him, and he wouldn’t be spending much more than a year with any sort of consequences.  Many wondered why or how that could happen, and the speculators of online conspiracy forums believed that they knew the answer.

Epstein’s high profile connections were in on it, and Jeffrey had them dead to rights committing the same acts that he was convicted of…possibly even on camera.  If he went down, they’d go down.

Now, after investigators have given the world lurid new details about the contents of the multi-millionaire’s NYC mansion, this theory has agin risen to prominence.

Jeffrey Epstein may have “blackmail material” related to “the sexual proclivities” of “powerful men,” speculated Ann Coulter during a Tuesday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host John Hayward.

“He seems to have blackmail material,” said Coulter. “There are cameras all over his mansions. He asks the girls to come to him and report on the sexual proclivities of all these powerful men, so, you know, you can see why I despair of him ever being brought to justice.”

Descriptions of items found in Epstein’s safe in New York are alarming, to say the least.

The free-standing safe was found “in plain sight” in a room on the third floor of the seven-story townhouse at Nine East 71st St., according to a law enforcement source familiar with the matter.

Authorities found some photos stashed inside, along with “compact discs with hand-written labels including the following: ‘Young [Name] + [Name],’ ‘Misc nudes 1,’ and ‘Girl pics nude,’” court papers said.

This story is certain to continue growing in scope as evidence in the case is revealed.


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