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District Investigating Teacher Who Demanded Virtual Student Remove Trump Banner

This undue angst is but a mere symptom of a larger political pustule on the American cultural landscape.

It seems as though every facet of American society has been wholly politicized this year, and while that can be annoying as all get-out, it’s not exactly surprising.

This is a year in which the nation is facing an unprecedented election, in which they must choose between the Washington establishment’s most “status-quo” candidate in 30 years, or the guy who waltzed onto The Beltway ready to drain the swamp.  It’s polarizing and it’s bitter, and it has only been made worse by the fact that we’ve all been stuck inside for 7 months waiting on a global pandemic to subside.

Factor in the reality that Hollywood and television studios have been largely silent on account of the pandemic, and the only drama that many of us have been able to slake our thirst with comes to us from the mainstream media.  This means that we’re all far more politically involved than ever before, at a time in which it really, truly matters.

We should be recognizing this new normal and adjusting to it, understanding that each and every one of us is in the same boat.  But, instead, we’re lashing out at each other in silly, childish ways.

One teacher in New Jersey is now in hot water after reacting with undue angst to a student’s political slant.

A New Jersey teen said a teacher ordered him to take down a Donald Trump banner hanging behind him in his home during a virtual class last week, according to local reports.

Anthony Ribeiro, a 17-year-old student at Toms River North High School said the teacher saw the banner and told him to remove it before class.

“He said, ‘Anthony take the sign down right now’ and I looked up, seeing class hasn’t started yet,” the teen told NBC New York. “I was on my phone. I looked up at him and kind of just looked back down like I didn’t hear him.”

Ribeiro opted to step away from the situation.

But the teacher repeated the request and said Ribeiro would have to leave if he refused.

“I waved goodbye, and I was gone,” the teen said.

District officials quickly intervened, stating that an investigation into the incident had begun, and that they could identify no obvious rule that was being broken by Ribeiro.


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