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DNC Takes UGLY Shot at Second 2024 GOP Candidate

The coming presidential contest is going to be NASTY.

As we find ourselves limping into the meat of the 2024 election cycle, we can almost taste the bitter air rolling in over the horizon.

This is going to be as ugly as it gets.  American may or may not be ready for just nasty this presidential contest will be, especially if some of the rumors about who will or will not be running turn out to be true.

On Tuesday, one of these widely-predicted candidates decided to jump into the race feet first, and it didn’t take long for the DNC to belittle her for it. 

The Democratic National Committee blasted former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley’s official entrance into the 2024 presidential race, highlighting her close ties with former President Trump who is also vying for the nomination.

“Haley’s entrance officially kicks off a messy 2024 primary race for the MAGA base that has long been brewing. Everyone get your popcorn,” said DNC chair Jaime Harrison in a statement.

Haley was the second candidate to enter into the presidential primary, officially taking on Trump Tuesday for the Republican nomination as tension within the GOP grows.

And also:

“Nikki Haley served in Donald Trump’s administration, has embraced the most extreme elements of the MAGA agenda and couldn’t even identify a single policy difference between herself and Trump,” Harrison continued in his fiery statement.

Harrison also went after Haley for legislative decisions while serving as governor of South Carolina.

“Her governorship in South Carolina included signing an extreme abortion ban into law with no exceptions for rape or incest, endorsing a plan to end Medicare as we know it, pushing for tax cuts that benefit the ultra wealthy and corporations, and refusing to expand Medicaid to provide affordable health care access for hundreds of thousands of South Carolinians.”

Trump himself has already taken to targeting his former UN Ambassador, suggesting prior to her announcement that she “suffered from” being “overly ambitious”, which is a pretty eloquent way of saying that she doesn’t stand much of a chance on the coming election.

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