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DOJ blasts democratic dissonance in rebuke of RussiaGate requests

Jerry Nadler’s own words are being used against him.

Are the democrats actually working to impeach President Donald Trump?  The answer to that question depends on who you ask.

For House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, there are no formal or informal impeachment inquiries occurring and, if she had her way, there might never be.  The longtime democratic Congresswoman has made it crystal clear, on several occasions, that impeachment of the President would likely result in a landslide victory for Trump in 2020.  This is all due to the republican majority in the Senate, and the sure failure of any impeachment resolutions once they reach this chamber.

But if you ask House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler for the truth of the matter, you may hear that the ongoing investigations into all manner of Trump’s personal and presidential life are themselves part of the impeachment process.

It is this deep divide in the democratic party that has led the Department of Justice to push back against Congress’ continued request for sensitive Grand Jury information in regard to the “RussiaGate” conspiracy theory.

The Justice Department, in new court filings, sought to block congressional Democrats’ bid for secret grand jury material from the Robert Mueller investigation by citing the confusion inside the caucus over whether or not they’re pursuing an “impeachment investigation.”

In the Friday court filing, the DOJ argued that the House Judiciary Committee clearly is not.

“The committee’s own description of its investigation makes clear that it is too far removed from any potential judicial proceeding to qualify,” the DOJ said.

It seems as though Nadler’s own admissions are helping to make the case against his latest requests.

The DOJ also quoted House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., as once saying, “[a]n impeachment inquiry is when you consider only impeachment. That’s not what we’re doing.” Since then, Nadler has gone back and forth over whether or not his committee’s investigation is indeed an “impeachment inquiry.”

President Trump has long maintained that the entire investigation into his supposed Kremlin connections was nothing more than a “hoax”.

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