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DOJ Unleashes Bombshell About ‘Secret Information’ Bill Barr Used to Drop Flynn Case

This could be HUGE.

The saga of former national security adviser General Michael Flynn is far from over, and it appears as though some of the juicer bits are still obscured from public view.

This case has been ongoing for years, after Flynn was investigated as a part of Robert Mueller’s wide-ranging and seemingly unbound “RussiaGate” probe.  This is the very same endeavor that has been widely lambasted as a ruse from the Obama administration, meant to allow for spying on the 2016 Trump presidential campaign.

In the subsequent hullabaloo, Flynn has unknowingly lied to FBI investigators and was summarily charged with that crime.  Then, after it was revealed that the FBI themselves had discussed the possibility of tricking Flynn into lying to them in order to hold those charges over his head, (and over the Trump administration), the Department of Justice dropped the charges.

You would think that such a definitive action from the DOJ would end the ordeal for the highly decorated military man, but no.  Now an appeals court judge is hearing arguments as to whether or not the DOJ was acting properly in their assessment.

And it was during one of these latest hearings that lawyers for the Department of Justice dropped a bombshell.

Attorney General William Barr may have had secret information that led the Justice Department to seek to drop its criminal case against Michael Flynn, a government lawyer said Tuesday.

Jeffrey Wall, the acting U.S. solicitor general, revealed the possible existence of that nonpublic information during a full appeals court hearing over whether Flynn’s case in federal court should be dismissed, as the Department of Justice has requested.

The statement from Wall felt almost ominous.

“I just wanted to make clear that it may be possible that the attorney general had before him information that he was not able to share with the court,” Wall said, “and so what we put in front of the court were the reasons that we could, but it may not be the whole picture available to the executive branch.”

Flynn has become a bit of a folk hero among conservatives on account of his long and arduous battle with the Deep State.

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