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Don Jr. Blasts Mueller Team Over Latest Dirty Cop Discovery

Junior was PEEVED!

As we approach the 2020 election in earnest, the liberal left is trying everything in their power to cast doubts in the direction of Donald Trump, and that includes attempting to rehash the bizarre conspiracy theories they clamored on about back in 2016.

But, they ought to be careful what they wish for, as the story of Mueller’s team of crooked cops continues to evolve as well.  The latest out of the special counsel’s team indicates that several investigators summarily wiped their cell phones clean ahead of an anticipated probe into their behavior during the case, which has, in turn, drawn a number of complaints from those interested in getting to the bottom of the debacle.

This even drew a harsh response from the President’s son.

While speaking to Jess Watters on Fox News, Don Jr. let the Mueller team have it:

[WATTERS]:  All right, Don, if you had so much as deleted an app on your iPhone, you would have been behind bars right now. How can this happen?

TRUMP JR.: A hundred percent. It’s absolutely insane to me — you know, and it’s not like — I don’t even know anyone who has ever deleted a phone. Period. Certainly not by accident, but 27 times?

WATTERS: What are the chances?

TRUMP JR.: All magically, once they’re under investigation? Honestly, who’s going to start investigating the investigators, Jesse? This is the most corrupt garbage I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

If I hadn’t deleted a comma out of an e-mail that didn’t actually change anything, I’d be in jail if I did that right now.

WATTERS: Yes, and your punctuation is perfect.

TRUMP JR.: … but for Andrew Weissmann who was brought in to put in a hit, you know, he can get away with these kind of things because the Deep State is held to a different standard.

Trump Jr. went on to demand that these men and women be held accountable to the law.

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