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Don Lemon Complains About Tucker Carlson’s Pronunciation of Candidate’s Name

The latest from CNN’s Don Lemon is just another example of this lurch toward ultra-nuanced nonsense.

The mainstream media wars are still raging, folks, and there is little doubt that the pundits are scraping the bottom of the barrel at this late stage in the game.

We must never forget that the stations attempting to pass as “news” these days are little more than infotainment.  They thrive on our emotional responses to their programming the same way that sports do.  In fact, there is a fairly salient argument to be had that CNN and Fox News are covering the battle between Team R and Team D the same way that ESPN covers the Super Bowl.

And, as such, things are bound to get nit-picky and specific, as these well-paid talking heads are forced to fill their allotted time slots with salacious and emotionally-engaging rants.

The latest from CNN’s Don Lemon is just another example of this lurch toward ultra-nuanced nonsense.

Wednesday on CNN, anchor Don Lemon criticized Fox News Host Tucker Carlson for mispronouncing the name of Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

Lemon said, “The president, his campaign, allies at Fox News are all grasping at straws on the offensive against Kamala Harris.”

He added, “and then there’s state media. Where they have taken everything but the kitchen sink approach against the vice president nominee including but not limited to sexist smears and more than one person not even bothering to get Kamala Harris’s name right.”

Lemon’s gripe seems to be that Tucker emphasizes the second syllable in Harris’ first name as opposed to the first, as if this was some sort of slur or it would somehow obscure his narrative.

With the 2020 election fast-approaching, we can only brace for more of these bizarrely-specific attacks.

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