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Don Lemon Suggest ‘Blowing Up’ Entire Government to Stymy Donald Trump

And you know things are rough when even Chris Cuomo won’t get on board with an idea that would demean The Donald.

Talk about a dog whistle.

As we approach the 2020 election, and the entire political apparatus of the country seems to be turning incendiary.  The vitriol has beget the violence, and the riots fuel the rhetoric.  And so it goes, just like Vonnegut said.

This week saw everything ratchet up again, this time spurred by the death of Ruth Bater Ginsburg, and the immediate efforts to have her replaced on the Supreme Court before the election.  The reality of the situation has set in now, as the Democrats have no earthly way of blocking the appointment, and they are in the midst of meltdowns the likes of which we’ve never before seen.

CNN’s Don Lemon, so incensed at the way in which our government works now that it has allowed Donald Trump to achieve things, is now advocating something radical.

And you know things are rough when even Chris Cuomo won’t get on board with an idea that would demean The Donald.

Breitbart’s John Nolte broke down why this sort of rhetoric is so dangerous:

Lemon is furious over what’s happening with the Supreme Court. He’s furious that democracy isn’t going his way, so he wants to put an end to it — by any means necessary.

Something else to keep in mind as you review the clip below is that, when it comes to political violence, when it comes to encouraging, validating, justifying, normalizing,celebrating, dismissing, defending, and openly calling for political violence, CNNLOL has led this malignant charge going back years.

If the Democrats would have spent all of this angsty energy promoting electoral participation and political activism, as opposed to ratcheting up the revolutionary rhetoric, the party might be in a more competitive position within The Beltway.

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