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Don McGhan Bucks White House Again, Tells Trump Team Flat Out ‘NO!’

Don McGhan has apparently made a habit of defying Donald Trump.

While vast swaths of our political population have indicated their desire to move on from the Mueller repot madness, democrats are still hellbent on getting to the bottom of the alleged issue of “obstruction”.

Robert Mueller, the man behind the exhaustive, 400+ page report into Russian election meddling in 2016, chose not to bring charges against the President for “obstruction of justice” – a reality that has been interpreted and spun wildly by the mainstream infotainment media.

Deep within the report lies the story of White House counsel Don McGhan, whose testimony to Mueller indicated that the President had once asked him to aid in the removal of Mueller as Special Counsel.  McGhan refused, and was soon without a job in the West Wing.

The White House is now alleging that this isn’t the only time that McGhan had to rebuke the President.

The White House requested that former White House counsel Don McGahn publicly state that President Donald Trump didn’t obstruct justice, but McGahn declined, an administration official told CNN on Friday.

The timing of the White House’s request — which was made to McGahn’s attorney William Burck through top White House lawyer Emmet Flood, according to the official — is unclear.

The official and a separate source familiar with the matter said that McGahn previously told special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators he didn’t believe Trump obstructed justice.

The episode speaks to the White House’s efforts to portray the President as absolved by the redacted Mueller report since its release last month. The Wall Street Journal first reported the White House’s appeal to McGahn.

McGhan will likely find himself on the receiving end of a congressional subpoena in the coming days, with democrats hoping to further investigate requests made of him by President Trump during the Mueller investigation’s 22 month duration.


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