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Donna Brazile Attacks RNC Chairwoman Over Brokered Convention: ‘Go to Hell!’

The Democrats are under a wee bit of stress over the rise of Bernie Sanders, don’t you think?

The Democratic establishment is working overtime to stifle their own constituents in 2020, and, as Super Tuesday’s results loom, they aren’t even trying to hide it.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders seems to be the clear choice among Democratic voters, but the party elders are no fan.  Sanders’ affinity for the ideologies of democratic socialism is seen as a liability for the general election where he’ll face the epitome of capitalism in incumbent Republican President Donald Trump.

So the left’s Deep State is doing everything that they can to block Bernie from winning the primary, including tamping down the possibility of a brokered convention…and doing so emphatically.

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Donna Brazile, a former DNC chair who was once caught funneling debate questions to then-candidate Hillary Clinton back in 2016, appeared on Fox News to deliver a stern message to those who may feel that a brokered convention is on the way.

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SANDRA SMITH: We have Ronna McDaniel, Donna, on the program earlier, chairwoman of the RNC, and she was talking about the possibility of a brokered convention [and] the impact it would have on Bernie Sanders.


DONNA BRAZILE: First of all, I want to talk to my Republicans. First of all, stay the hell out of our race, stay the hell out of our race! I get sick and tired, Ed and Sandra, of listening to Republicans tell me and the Democrats about our process. First of all, [Republicans] don’t have a process, they are canceling primaries. They have winner take all, they don’t have the kind of democracy that we see on the Democratic side. And for people to use Russian talking points to sow division among Americans, that is stupid. So Ronna, go to hell!


BRAZILE: No, go to hell! I’m tired of it, Ed. We’re not trying to prevent anyone from becoming the nominee. If you have the delegates and win, you will win. This notion that somehow or another that Democrats are trying to put hurdles or roadblocks before one candidate, that’s stupid. I know what’s doing on. [Republicans] are scared Democrats coming together to defeat Donald Trump.

McDaniel would go on to get the last laugh, however, issuing the following tweet aimed at Brazile:

Super Tuesday’s results will go a long way in determine just how the Democratic National Convention will play out…whether Donna Brazile likes it or not.

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