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East Coast City Prepares Fines for Americans Who Go Mask-Less…Even Outside

One can only imagine what sort of debate this latest order will stir up in the Garden State. 

The great mask debate is far from over, and it is beginning to appear as though the two sides of the debate are digging in their heels more than ever this week.

Those who find themselves incensed over the prospect of wearing a mask aren’t often debating the efficacy of the mask itself – it’s fairly obvious the they prevent respiratory droplets from spreading wildly.  The real issue for most of these folks is the idea that the government can tell them whether or not to wear one.  It’s about freedom for most of the anti-mask crowd, and they often find themselves arguing with minute points regarding ordinances and regulations that are being put into place.

For instance, there appears to be plenty of evidence to suggest that simply being outdoors is an incredible deterrent to the spread of COVID-19, as evidenced by the lack of a significant surge in cases among the crowds of protesters who took to the streets of America over the course of the last few months.

That’s why a proposed local regulation in New Jersey has some residents growing annoyed.

Masks are already mandated in New Jersey, but one city is taking it a step further, saying if you don’t wear one outside where you can’t social distance, you could face a fine.

Face coverings are already required inside establishments, but now the city is considering an ordinance to fine $250 to those who do not wear one outside and in places they can’t stay six feet apart.

Not everyone was onboard, however.

“Trying to enforce this mask rule is gonna be very, very difficult. If someone’s wearing their mask this way, does that constitute a fine?” said Michael Russo of the Hoboken City Council.

Councilman Russo said although the city council unanimously passed the measure in its first reading, that won’t be the case the second time around. He plans to vote it down.

“I agree with the use of masks. However, this ordinance I think is a little bit too far,” said Russo.

One can only imagine what sort of debate this latest order will stir up in the Garden State.

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