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Education Department employees fear racism was motivation for recent in-house vandalism

We can only hope that they party or parties involved are brought swiftly to justice. 

As a nation, we have come a long way from the fight for Civil Rights, and an even longer way from all are created equal.

Still, out there in this vast land of freedom, some choose ignorance over acceptance.  Some choose hate over love, still, to this day, and for no reason other than their own fear of the unknown.  Because, when it’s all said and done, all hate is derived from fear.

We would like to think that the lessons of the past are here to stay, but, alas, it seems that this may not be the case…even at some of the highest levels of our nation’s government.

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The office of an African American employee of the U.S. Department of Education was vandalized earlier this week, and other employees have expressed concern that the attack may have been racially motivated. African art figurines were found beheaded, with their limbs removed, and a school desegregation poster was damaged, according to Education Department employees and a congressional aide.

The incident happened at the department’s Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, the employees and the aide told NBC News. The department said the employee had been out of the office for several days and reported the incident on Tuesday afternoon.

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The poster, which was pulled off the wall and damaged, was believed to depict Ruby Bridges, an African American schoolgirl who became an icon of the civil rights movement, sources told NBC News. Some of the employee’s co-workers are now looking for copies of the poster to put up in their own offices to show solidarity, they added.

Rumors were swirling about a possible conspiracy to cover-up the incident as well.

Some employees expressed frustration that leading department officials were not more forthcoming about the incident, with one accusing them of “keeping this under wraps.” The email from Brogan did not include specific details about the vandalism, and was sent only to staff members from the department’s Office of Elementary and Secondary Education.

We can only hope that they party or parties involved are brought swiftly to justice.

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