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‘Emotional Disorder’ Emerges in Nashville School Shooting Probe

The left is still blaming the guns, though.

As authorities begin to piece together the impetus of a tragic Christian school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, the Democratic left has once again been busy massaging the narrative to promote their anti-gun agenda.

This is no surprise, but the speed at which the left has pivoted to exploiting the tragedy is more than a little gauche…especially now that investigators are suggesting that an emotional disorder may have been in play.

Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old transgender artist and former student, legally purchased the arsenal used in the attack behind the family’s back despite serious emotional issues that required a doctor’s attention, according to authorities.

Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake also told reporters Tuesday that a motive in the attack remains unknown, and that the shooter had targeted the school but not any individual victims specifically.

“We’ve interviewed the parents of Audrey Hale, and we’ve determined that Audrey bought seven firearms from five different local gun stores here legally,” Drake said during a news briefing. “They were legally purchased. Three of those weapons were used yesterday during the horrific tragedy.”

Hale’s parents told police they were only aware of one firearm, which they believed Hale had previously sold, he said.

The clandestine weapons were unknown to Hale’s parents.

“They were under the impression that when she sold the weapon, she did not own any more,” he said. “As it turned out she was hiding several weapons inside the house.”

He said the shooter was under a doctor’s care for an unspecified emotional disorder but was previously unknown to law enforcement.

“Her parents felt she should not own weapons,” he said. But Hale secretly had collected an arsenal.

The debate over the cause of these mass shootings has been an incredibly heated one in the United States, with many Americans insisting that the obvious and impossible-to-ignore impact of mental health issues in many of these cases is not being properly investigated.

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