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Epstein attorneys ask judge for cushy accommodations for pedophile awaiting trial

The American people are NOT going to stand for this.

Well this isn’t going to go over too well.

If there’s anything that we can say, universally, and superseding the realm of politics and culture, is that pedophiles and others who make victims out of children, are not to be shown mercy of any kind.  These are the very dregs of society, whose only redeeming quality comes as they become lightning rods for Americans to reaffirm this belief that they deserve less than nothing from the rest fo the world.

These are the wickedest among us, and should, at all times, be treated as such.

That’s why the latest request from the lawyers of alleged child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is so idiotically ludicrous.

Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein proposed a bail package on Thursday that would allow the multimillionaire alleged sex trafficker to remain out of jail pending trial and live instead in home detention at his Upper East Side mansion, one of the largest residences in Manhattan and valued at $77 million, according to court documents.

The arrangement — sure to draw the scrutiny of prosecutors, who have already asked a judge to have him detained without bail — also would put Epstein under electronic monitoring by GPS, require him to post a “substantial” personal recognizance bond secured by his Manhattan home, and deregister and ground his private jet.

The idea is sure to be unpopular among Americans, and with good reason.

You see, Jeffrey Epstein already got a sweetheart deal fifteen years ago where charges of pedophilia that would have normally landed him behind bars for the rest of this life somehow turned into 13 months of work release for “solicitation”.

This incredibly disturbing turn of events has soured not only the nation’s outlook on the already despicable Epstein, but also on current Labor Secretary Alex Acosta who was instrumental in procuring the deal for the child rape enthusiast while working in South Florida’s legal scene.


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