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Eric Swalwell’s Recent Gender-Semantics Stunt is Positively Groan-Worthy

It’s enough to make one cringe.

The idea of being “woke”, or being “outwardly and overly progressive for the sake of being seen”, seems to be some sort of sacred virtue these days, with very few critics landing any real attacks against those versed in the not-so-subtle art form.

So, for the time being at least, it’s rather uncouth to accuse someone acting “woke” of pandering, even if it is very clear that they are doing just that indeed.

Rep. Eric Swalwell might be just one recent example of such.

From an appearance on MSNBC in which the California Democrat was discussing the possibility of calling witnesses during the recent impeachment trial of Donald Trump:

Swalwell said, “Yeah. I want everyone to know we took an MRI to this case over the last few weeks, and we put forward a powerful, overwhelming case. We went into the day yesterday feeling we had proved the case. New evidence was unearthed last night. We felt a responsibility to get that evidence into the record. But as many people like Jaime Herrera Beutler who were willing to come forward and speak up, there were a lot of doors we knocked on, phone calls we made, invitations that we sent that were not answered by people who were witnesses.”

“And, you know, the choice was, do we chase those people not knowing what they’re going to say to the courts for years or go forward with the powerful, thundering case that we have and knowing that Mitch Mcconnell was telling us it was a jurisdictional one,” he added. “So we could have called God herself, and it would not have happened.”

Right there at the end.  “God herself”.  That’s a textbook example of being “woke for show”, and precisely the sort of insincere drivel that allows Swalwell to so ceaselessly maintain his reputation for vapidness.

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