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Faltering Buttigieg attacks POTUS with fiery accusations regarding immigration

The logic here can only be described as “liberal”.

We have to take every soundbite that comes out of the 2020 democratic presidential race with a grain of salt.

This plethora of progressives are doing everything in their power to stand out amidst the overwhelmingly large field of potential POTUS’s.  Everyone has, or needs, an angle so that they can fit into the tidy, archetypal storytelling of the mainstream media.

Biden is the centrist.  Kamala will talk about race.  Warren and Sanders are going to bust out the calculators.

They all have their role, and they are all playing the American people for their votes by picking a segment and sticking to it.

So what about Pete Buttigieg?  He’s playing the role of “smarty pants”, that’s for sure, but intelligence isn’t exactly a policy initiative.  As Mayor Pete begins to slip in the polls, however, he is increasingly turning toward direct attacks on President Trump’s immigration stance for leverage.

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said President Trump’s planned Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids will make America “less safe” and accused the White House of trying to distract from its failed immigration agenda.

“This makes America less safe. Look, I don’t think anybody disagrees that there ought to be law enforcement protecting people from danger. That’s not what this is about,” he said Thursday on “MSNBC Live.”

“This is targeting people who are caught in a broken system where there should be a pathway to citizenship. And again, in a community like mine, if rumors start going on about raids — let alone if it actually starts happening, it immediately makes the community less safe. It makes people less likely to participate in the economy, less likely to talk to law enforcement when they need help dealing with something that really is a matter of danger.”

ICE raids have been an enormous bone of contention for democrats, at least now that Donald Trump is in the Oval Office.

Several cities around the nation have even designated themselves as “sanctuary cities”, where immigration enforcement will not be conducted by local law officers, and where the city will do their best to disrupt or weaken the efficacy of a national authority’s efforts.

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