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FBI Arrests ‘Q Anon’ After Mythical Figure Allegedly Publishes NFL Brain Scan Photos

Did the FBI just nab Q Anon, or is this the case of a guy in a gorilla suit pretending to be Sasquatch?

Some of you may be familiar with the concept of “Q Anon” – a mythical online message board writer who is believed by some to be a Trump administration insider, doling out clues to a secret war being raged right below our noses.

And, if this isn’t enough to have you skeptical, some of the stories being concocted from the cryptic breadcrumbs are fairly complex and strange.  Some believed that President Trump was secretly working with Robert Mueller to bring down global child sex traffickers during the RussiaGate probe.  Others seem to think that the two Navy hospital ships anchored in California and New York are there to assist human trafficking victims currently being rescued from deep underground tunnels, and that coronavirus is just a cover.

This may very well be what prompted one man to attempt to ram the USNS Mercy with a freight train just days ago.

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And while everyone seems to think they know exactly what this Q is up to, no one seems to know who Q is.  There are some theories about that, of course, and the FBI just nabbed one of several folks who claim to be moonlighting as the online urban legend.

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In the bizarre world of QAnon conspiracy theorists, 29-year-old Austin Steinbart was a rising star. A segment of the pro-Trump conspiracy theory group believed he was the mysterious “Q,” the anonymous internet figure whose clues have convinced a portion of the president’s base that Donald Trump is engaged in a shadowy war against pedophile-cannibals in the Democratic Party.

Steinbart—dubbed “Baby Q” by his fans—claimed he could get away with anything because he was a super-spy for Trump. In online arguments, Steinbart insisted he should have been arrested “100 times over” for his actions. And the fact that he hadn’t been arrested for, say, threatening to kill the Queen of Denmark was proof that Trump had given him immunity from prosecution.

“Seems like I should have been ARRESTED by now, eh?” Steinbart tweeted to one of his foes in late March, adding a sarcastic thinking-face emoji.

I bet you can guess where this is going…

A few days later, FBI agents arrested him.

Steinbart now faces an extortion charge over his online antics, all apparently committed in an attempt to convince gullible online conspiracy theorists that he’s an all-powerful intelligence agent. As part of his attempts at self-promotion, Steinbart allegedly posted the confidential brain scans and medical files of former professional football players online—images he was able to obtain while allegedly getting a scan of his own.

So, is Steinbart the real deal, or just another attention seeker looking for his 15 minutes of fame?

There are undoubtedly a whole lot of theories surrounding that as well.

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