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FBI Director Drains the Swamp, Beginning with Those Who Abused FISA Process

One can only hope that Christopher Wray is onto something here.

President Trump promised his base that he would be a wrecking ball when he arrived in Washington DC, pledging to “drain the swamp” and rethink the way that Washington fat cats get fed.

Of course, while the American people applauded this forthright bombast, those who were targeted in Trump’s anti-corruption screed were panicking.  This was a powerful Washington outsider who has a long history of getting his way at all costs.  The swamp creatures were soon cooking up any number of schemes aimed at derailing and delegitimizing Donald Trump.

One such plan involved using the Steele Dossier, (a controversial and unverifiable collection of salacious rumors about Donald Trump’s sex life), to obtain a FISA warrant against members of his team – thus allowing the Obama administration’s FBI  to essentially spy on the 2016 Trump campaign.

Now, after years of toil and trouble, Trump’s new FBI Director is beginning to make some progress on draining the Bureau’s swamp.

During an interview aired on Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” FBI Director Christopher Wray stated that current FBI employees involved in FISA abuse have been referred for discipline by him and that the most senior people involved in the abuse “are long gone,” having been terminated, retired, or resigned, and that some of the terminations took place during his tenure. Wray also said that he has “gone above and beyond” the recommendations of the IG report on FISA abuse.

Wray said, “I’ve put in place an entirely new leadership team. And even though I wasn’t director at the time of all of this, my team and I are fiercely committed to making sure we fix the problems of the past. We have accepted every finding and recommendation in that IG report, but then gone above and beyond, put in place over 40 corrective measures that enhance our training, strengthen our processes, build in more oversight and accountability and have referred employees, current employees, for discipline.”

Here to hoping that Wray’s actions do the trick.

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