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FBI Now Investigating Website Devoted to Doxxing Anti-Trump Forces

And you’re not going to believe who’s behind it.

In this new world of digital espionage and political violence, there are an infinite number of ways in which we may find ourselves at risk.  Of particular worry in this new technological age is the art of “doxxing”, in which personal information is shared online for the point of intimidating an enemy.

It’s a dirty, ugly way of confronting someone with whom you disagree, and a recent doxxing operation now has the attention of the FBI.

Federal law enforcement authorities say they are aware of a website that sprang up over the weekend and began doxxing federal and state government officials at odds with Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the election.

The site, which appears to have been created on Sunday, contains the home addresses, pictures of homes, personal emails, and photos of state and local officials who have pushed back on or questioned the president’s legal campaign.

“The following individuals have aided and abetted the fraudulent election against Trump,” the website,, declared.

A Federal Bureau of Investigation spokesperson told The Daily Beast on Thursday that the FBI is “aware of the matter,” but declined to comment further.

And who was behind the site?

The site was only online for a few days, and the identities of those responsible for it are not known. But archived versions of the site, and publicly available website registration data, show that the individual or individuals behind it used email addresses associated with a Russian email service provider and web hosting services based in the country. The possibility exists that the use of those addresses and hosting services were done to make it appear to be a Russian operation.

While no charges were pressed against President Trump during the FBI’s investigation into the “RussiaGate” collusion scandal years ago, the Kremlin is still well known to be stoking political violence in the United States, hoping to weaken the world’s greatest nation for their own gain.

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