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FBI Possibly Involved in Recent American Airlines UFO Incident

The Bureau is looking into the bizarre incident…or are they?

Some strange news came to us from the skies over New Mexico just days ago, and it seems now that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is getting involved.

The story was a wild one, but not terribly dissimilar to others that have been reported in recent years:  A strange, oddly-shaped object in the sky, appearing to be under intelligent control, shadowing and harassing earthly flying machines.  In fact, the phenomenon has been on such an uptick in recent years that the US government has been forced to admit that they’ve been involved in researching these incident for years.

Now, after an American Airlines flight in the Southwest reported seeing something strange in the sky, the FBI has given a peculiar answer in regard to their knowledge of the situation.

The FBI is “aware of” an American Airlines pilot’s report of an apparent UFO seen soaring over Northeast New Mexico earlier this week – but stopped short of confirming whether an investigation is underway, Fox News learned Thursday.

The pilot was maneuvering a plane bound for Phoenix, Arizona, from Cincinnati, Ohio, on Sunday afternoon when the flight crew spotted a quick-moving, unusual object flying above them, according to a radio transmission recorded by Steve Douglass on his blog, Deep Black Horizon.

On Tuesday, American Airlines confirmed to Fox News that the audio transmission was from flight 2292, but referred further questions to the FBI.

Then, in a curiously careful statement, the FBI weighed in.

A spokesperson for the FBI’s Albuquerque office responded to Fox News’ request seeking comment and confirmation on Thursday.

“The FBI is aware of the reported incident,” spokesperson Frank Connor wrote in an email. “While our policy is to neither confirm nor deny investigations, the FBI works continuously with our federal, state, local, and tribal partners to share intelligence and protect the public. Anyone who is aware of suspicious or criminal activity should contact their local law enforcement agency or the FBI.”

UFO sightings in the Southwest are nothing new, with the purported crash of a flying saucer in Roswell, New Mexico back in 1947 remaining one of the most intriguing cases of the phenomenon in all of history.

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