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Fear-Mongering Hillary Clinton Raises Alarm About Donald Trump Refusing to Leave Office

We mustn’t forget that Clinton was also famous for bringing the “RussiaGate” ruse to the masses, which is a heavy ding to her credibility.

When it comes to the subject of Donald Trump, few things that have come out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth have rung true.

Clinton, who was Trump’s opponent during the 2016 presidential election, was one of the first to publicly espouse the “RussiaGate” conspiracy theory – live, during one of the debates between the two of them.  This was at a time in which the Obama administration was working to effectively “spy” on the Trump campaign in order to drum up support for this wild hypothesis, and Clinton’s uttering of the theory on live television seemed to indicate some sort of coordinated effort between her campaign and the White House.

Since that time, nothing that Clinton has said about Donald Trump has been benign or simple.  This week was no exception.

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Hillary Clinton said she is unsure if President Trump would leave office without putting up a fight if defeated by Joe Biden (D) in November’s presidential election, making the remarks in a Hollywood Reporter interview published on Friday.

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“I don’t know the answer to that yet,” Clinton said in response to a Hollywood Reporter question asking if Trump would leave office “without a fight” in the event of losing the upcoming presidential election.

She continued…

“That’s why they’re doing everything they can to prevent people from voting — you know, they want to stop mail-in voting, they want to shrink the number of places where people can actually vote in person — because they know if we have a big turnout, they lose,” she told the outlet.

“And so we’re gonna have lots of fights over actual voting procedures between now and November,” she continued. “And if they can do anything that makes it look questionable, they will.”

“And that’s why everybody needs to come out and vote — I don’t care where you live — and have as big a turnout as possible so that there can’t be any excuse given,” Clinton added.

Of course, we know that this wouldn’t be the first time that Clinton was simply spouting nonsense for the sake of publicity, and her crying wolf is beginning to get a little stale at this point.


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