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Former 2020 Candidate Uses Fortune to Free Felons to Vote in Florida

How blatant!

The 2020 race is just about as dirty as they come, and getting filthier by the minute.

This was always going to be the case, of course, after Donald Trump waltzed into Washington back in 2016, and figuratively flipped the entire city on its head.  This sent his opponents scrambling, trying to decide to what degree they would denigrate themselves in the pursuit of demeaning the bombastic Commander in Chief.

Four years and plenty of controversy later, the left is turning every more vitriolic by the minute, and they’re throwing their credibility to the wind in order to attempt to stop the Trump juggernaut from winning reelection.

Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City and failed Democratic presidential candidate, has raised $16 million to pay the fines of black and Hispanic felons — only — so that they can be eligible to vote in Florida this fall.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday:

Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and his team have raised more than $16 million to pay the court fines and fees of nearly 32,000 Black and Hispanic Florida voters with felony convictions, an effort aimed at boosting turnout for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The money will go to fund a program organized by the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to pay the fines, fees and restitution costs for former prisoners who are already registered to vote in Florida but barred by law from participating in the election because of those outstanding debts.

Bloomberg, who has committed at least $100 million to electing Biden in the state, raised the money from individuals and foundations over the last week, his advisers said. He saw the donations as a more cost-effective way of adding votes to the Democratic column than investing money to persuade voters who already have the right to vote, a Bloomberg memo said.

The Bloomberg effort, which will be pooled with about $5 million already raised by the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, is narrowly focused only on Black and Hispanic voters who are already registered to vote and whose debts are less than $1,500.

It is difficult not to be reminded of efforts made by Democratic legislators in 2016 to reinstate the voting rights of convicted felons in Virginia, knowing full well that a vast majority of those who’d have their rights restored would vote for Democrats.

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