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Former Governor Hints at Joining 2020 Race as Third Party Candidate

Heck, 2020’s already crazy enough…why wouldn’t we have this sort of drama as well?

It is quite easy to get caught up in the bizarre tumult of 2020 – a year in which the world took a turn toward the strange – and acquiesce to the fact that this is only going to get weirder from here.

We have our first real global pandemic in 100 years.  The US government has admitted that UFO’s are real.  Iran tried to start World War III.  There are barely any sports to watch.

It’s just been odd, and, to top it all off, we’re in the midst of one of the most brutally biting presidential elections of all time; a contest in which a business mogul and television star whose economic boom was shattered by the aforementioned coronavirus pandemic is facing off against a marble-mouthed DC establishment figure with a penchant for smelling women’s hair.

Like I said:  Things are weird, man.

So it only makes sense that there would be at least some talk about throwing a third party candidate into the mix, right?

Along comes former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura…

During a Friday night appearance on RT, Ventura claimed he is not running, but admitted he has seen the effort to draft him into a campaign.

“There’s a movement out there to elect me,” the World According to Jesse host said.

Ventura said a group attempting to recruit him took out a full-page ad in the “White Bear paper telling me this is happening and warning me to be ready to go.”

Admitting he didn’t know what was going to happen, Ventura conceded, “If I were to get into this race, my message would be simple: We need an independent right now because if Biden gets elected, or Trump gets reelected, the polarization is going to continue and it’s going to get worse.”

He theorized the way to get unity is for the “two gangs” — the Republican and Democrat parties — to “get a common enemy,” referring to himself.

Ventura said with an independent president, both parties would be “in bed together” making harmony.

Should Ventura, a former professional wrestler, join the race, he would be flanked by two other long-shot candidates:  Eccentric hip hop mogul Kanye West and Libertarian Party nominee Jo Jorgenson.

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