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Former Hillary campaign chief issues stark warning ahead of Mueller testimony

The democrats’ preemptive spin on tomorrow’s hearing has officially gone off the rails.

When Robert Mueller takes the stand on Capitol Hill tomorrow, he will very likely have the entire nation’s attention.

Mueller’s report on Russian election interference has been the subject of a great debate here in the United States.  On one hand, Mueller has exposed a dangerous and deliberate campaign by the Russian government to meddle in our very democracy.  On the other hand, however, political bias and media spin have morphed this realization into tidy partisan talking points that have democrats and republicans arguing over whether or not Donald Trump played some role in all of this.

For the republicans, the hearing will give them a long-overdue opportunity to inquire about the origins of the investigation itself, and whether or not the FBI eschewed their ethics in pursuit of damning evidence against then-candidate Trump.  For the democrats, the spectacle will allow them to continue pushing their “resistance” narrative.

A prominent member of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign is speaking out ahead of the hearing with a stark and ridiculous warning.

John Podesta, whose emails were hacked by Russia and released by WikiLeaks just before the 2016 election, warned before Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony that President Trump has “encouraged the destruction of the nation’s fundamental democratic institutions.”

The former chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign wrote in the Washington Post that the hearings will show the “raw partisan divide cleaving America” and being worsened by Trump each day.

“Committee members on both sides of the aisle will have to contend with an inescapable conclusion from a fair reading of the report: The Russian attack would not have worked — and perhaps would have been over before it really got started — if not for Donald Trump’s enthusiastic encouragement and amplification of it,” he argued.

Then came the real kicker…

“That’s why Mueller’s testimony is so vital. He can provide guidance on how Russia operates and how to prevent further attacks. But Americans must face the truth: Trump, in broad daylight, has encouraged the destruction of the nation’s fundamental democratic institutions, and he continues to do so,” Podesta concluded.

Podesta is correct in stating that Americans are hotly divided in 2019, but it isn’t Donald Trump who is fomenting this schism.

That ugly honor belongs squarely to the mainstream media, who have used this American angst to sell primo advertising space on their platforms by sowing dissent for entertainment.

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