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Former Hillary Staffer Issues Ugly, Vulgar Attack Against Recuperating Bernie Sanders

If you had any doubt that bad blood still existed between Clinton and Sanders, here’s your proof.

Democratic decorum has hit an all time low in the 2020 presidential race this week after a former Hillary Clinton staffer leveled a vulgar and profane insult against Vermont Senator and recent heart attack survivor Bernie Sanders.

Sanders was hospitalized just a few weeks ago after a minor heart attack occurred just after a campaign rally.  Two stents were placed in Sanders’ arteries, and a little over a week of recuperation took place at one of millionaire Senator’s homes in Vermont thereafter.  Now, Bernie is back on the campaign trail, and polling well – sitting in either 2nd for 3rd place nationally, depending on which polling organization you choose to believe.

On the outside looking in is Hillary Clinton, whose recent behavior suggests that the former First Lady is eyeing a late entry into the race herself…a possibility loathed by supporters of Senator Sanders.

If you had any doubt that bad blood still existed between Clinton and Sanders, here’s your proof.

“Tulsi Gabbard has put her life on the line to defend this country. People can disagree on issues, but it is outrageous for anyone to suggest that Tulsi is a foreign asset,” Sanders tweeted on Monday.

Adam Parkhomenko, a former Hillary Clinton staffer who bills himself as “one of the Democratic Party’s top grassroots organizers,” attacked Sanders for the tweet.

“Bernie joins Trump and thousands of Russian bots in defending the person who blamed the US instead of Assad for gassing his own people. Not to mention his not so stellar voting record on Russian sanctions,” Parkhomenko wrote to his nearly 300,000 followers.

“F–k Bernie. I’d forgotten how much I despise that a–hole. Thanks for the reminder,” Parkhomenko added.

Hillary Clinton’s team was found to have rigged the 2016 primary elections against Bernie Sanders, with the help of the DNC – a maneuver that very likely cost Clinton the election.

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