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Fox News Furious After Biden Snubs Them at First Presser

I guess the White House doesn’t like ‘fair and balanced’.

It took “sleepy” Joe Biden 65 whole days to step up to the podium for a good, old-fashioned press conference during his first term as President.  That’s 9 weeks in which journalists didn’t have much of an opportunity to see how the septuagenarian was holding up under the strain of the office.  That’s over two months of near silence from the White House, save the swift, badgering responses that Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been routinely doling out.

And, during this momentous occasion in which Biden finally came to speak to us through the media, not once was Fox News given an opportunity to ask a question.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy called out President Joe Biden for not taking questions from him in his first White House news conference.

Afterwards, Doocy beamed into Fox News show America Reports, as a panel critiqued the president over several elements of his performance. Much of the discussion centered around whether Biden received sufficient scrutiny, and when Doocy appeared, John Roberts noted the fact that Biden didn’t call on him to ask a question.

“I mentioned last night, I had a binder full of questions,” Doocy said. Sure enough, he pulled out a binder on camera to show people he “was not kidding.”

“We had a lot and most of the stuff we did not get to,” Doocy went on. “Nobody asked him about this big plan that he has got, this big idea to completely transform the economy to make it all green. That is something we were hoping to get on the board with and there were not a lot of questions about Covid, particularly the investigation into the origins of it.”

Doocy’s apparent desire to speak on the COVID situation was also unique, as the ongoing pandemic was not a subject of conversation at all during the hour-plus engagement.

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