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France Consider Banning the Unvaccinated from Public Transportation

France is looking to make life difficult for those who prefer to remain unvaccinated.

One of the great debates being reinvigorated by the coronavirus pandemic has to do with our personal sovereignty, and the ability of any nation-state to tell us what will and will not go into our bodies.

The argument has reached a fever pitch of late thanks to the introduction of a number of vaccines that could protect people from the COVID-19 virus.  Given the breadth of the crisis itself, health experts are warning that a vast majority of the population will need to be vaccinated in order for the world to get back to some semblance of normalcy.  The issue is that many individuals prefer not to be vaccinated, for various reasons.

Governments are concerned that that these individuals could pose a risk to the population at large, and have begun contemplating ways to forcefully encourage the anti-vaccination crowd to get on board.

In France, one possible avenue of influence is raising eyebrows.

People who fail to get a Covid-19 vaccination could be banned from using public transport in France, according to a draft law sparking angry protests from opposition politicians on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Jean Castex on Monday got his cabinet’s backing for a bill that is designed to provide a legal framework for dealing with health crises, including the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the text, which will now be submitted to parliament, a negative Covid test or proof of a “preventative treatment, including the administration of a vaccine” could be required for people to be granted “access to transport or to some locations, as well as certain activities”.

The government’s vaccination campaign is to start on Sunday, and officials already face widespread resistance to a treatment developed in record time since the outbreak hit Europe early this year.

Airlines have also begun intimating that they could require proof of vaccination to allow passengers onto planes, which is an understandably controversial position among the anti-vaccine crowd.

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