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General Michael Flynn Invigorates Qanon Crowd with ‘WWG1WGA’ Twitter Message

The infotainment industry has shied away from the Qanon story in recent weeks, but Michael Flynn may have just taken the whole shebang mainstream.

For many who follow the Qanon mythology, former national security adviser Michael Flynn is a central figure.

The idea behind Qanon is simple, but the reality of the ever-evolving storyline grows more complex by the minute.  “Q” believers are convinced that a shadowy, high-level figure within the Trump administration is leaving clues for them online, most often on messages boards such as 4Chan or, more recently, 8Chan.  These breadcrumbs exist in the form of questions which are predictably vague and open-ended, allowing for followers to make a great many interpretations as to their meaning.

As such, the theory has grown wildly, with some of the most experience amateur investigators suggesting that President Trump is involved in a clandestine war against the Deep State.

Michael Flynn, as one of the first Trump administration officials to feel the wrath of the FBI and Robert Mueller, was on the cusp of becoming a martyr for the cause when the DOJ intervened and dropped the charges against him.

Now a free man, Flynn is apparently not shying away from stoking the fires of the Qanon theorists.

Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn appeared to signal his support for the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory on the July 4 holiday by posting a video to his Twitter reciting an oath of duty that ends with a QAnon slogan.

“Where we go one, we go all,” the retired three-star US Army lieutenant general and five other people say in the video, a phrase that has been adopted by followers of the shadowy “Q” figure who leads the growing community of conspiracy theorists.

The video included several close acquaintances of Flynn’s.

The Qanon conspiracy theory has been largely lambasted by the mainstream media, who’ve suggested that this is either an out of control “LARP”, or perhaps some sort of foreign psyop designed to divide our nation even further.

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