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Georgia a 2020 Swing State? Primary Election Data Seems to Indicate the Possibility

But will this momentum backfire before November?

There is more than a bit of gamesmanship involved with primary elections, and a great many Americans could be completely oblivious to it if they aren’t politically savvy.

For instance, you’ll often see new narratives beginning to roll out during election time that purport to predict just how strong a certain sect of the electorate will be.  If you’re a Democratic operative, you may wish to allow your Republican opponents to grow complacent with headlines that tell tales of “landslide victories” for conservative candidates.  These dabs of drivel are meant to instill complacency among the GOP electorate, thus driving down voter turnout.  If our candidate is a shoe-in, my little ol’ vote isn’t that big of a deal.

Sure, it’s dirty, but so are American politics as a whole at this juncture.

In 2020 in the state of Georgia, however, a sort of reverse-reverse-psychology is at play with the Democrats, who are now basking in the glory of a supposed victory that has the Peach State poised to be one of the more important locales in November’s general election.

Democrats set a new turnout record for primary voting in last week’s Georgia vote, soaring past 1 million voters to outpace Republicans during an election plagued by significant obstacles at polling sites.

The latest results, still being tallied as absentee ballots are counted, show Democratic turnout in Georgia surpassed 1,060,851 – the previous high-mark set during the 2008 presidential primary when then-U.S. Sen. Barack Obama trounced Hillary Clinton.

Republicans lagged behind, with more than 950,000 votes in last week’s contest. But there was no competitive statewide contest on the ballot, since President Donald Trump had already captured his party’s nomination and U.S. Sen. David Perdue faced no primary opposition.

Georgia Democrats pointed to the high numbers as another sign of voter enthusiasm headed into the November election. Joe Biden aims to be the first Democratic presidential contender to carry Georgia since 1992, and state Democrats are racing to flip two U.S. Senate seats and a suburban U.S. House seat.

Of course, all of this celebratory noise that the Democrats are making regarding this turnout triumph will only motivate the enormous conservative base even more, setting the southern liberals up for a rude awakening come November.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that Americans get out and vote.

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