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Georgia Residents Receive Racially Threatening Letter at Home

The neighborhood was shaken, but undeterred in their unity.

In recent months, white supremacists have been lurking on the fringes of mainstream political culture, hoping to slither into social groups and begin recruiting the passionate and disaffected youth within.

This is how the hate groups work:  They find angry or desperate young people and help them blame some particular race or ethnic group for their troubles.  Political rallies and protests are a great place to find disenfranchised young people, and, as our nation becomes more politically raucous, white supremacy and other forms of organized hate can thrive.

Residents in the suburbs of Atlanta are coming face to face with this reality now.

Residents in an Acworth community said they received a hateful letter in the mail. They called it appalling and said they were in shock when they opened it.

“It’s appalling. It’s harassment. It’s embarrassing,” said Rev. Donald Moore who received one of the letters.

“As a Hispanic mom, it’s a threat. I feel threatened in my neighborhood,” said Paula Cadavid.

The was clear and sinister.

Cadavid has lived in the Abernathy Farm subdivision in Acworth for 18 years. She was disgusted when she and more than a dozen other neighbors received a threatening letter in their mailbox.

It was sent through the mail with no return address. It reads “We want this neighborhood just for white people. Out Hispanics. Out Blacks. Out Asians.”

Cadavid said she can’t get over the effort that was put into this letter by the sender.

“They centered it, they printed labels, they purchased stamps. It was done so meticulously it shows the person did it with complete consciousness of what they were doing,” said Cadavid.

The frighting mailer certainly was not successful in fomenting hate, however, as the diverse neighborhood has now rallied around the idea of unity, and standing up to face whomever has been attempting to intimidate them.

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