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GOP Congresswoman Faces Ridicule Over ‘Space Lasers’ Facebook Post

2021 certainly isn’t any less weird than 2020, huh?

If you thought that we would magically just leave all the weirdness back in 2020, you need to think again.  2021 is turning out to have no immediate path back to normalcy at this time.

First, there was the siege of the US Capitol on January 6th to kick off the New Year – one that many of us spent alone, or in tiny groups waiting on this infernal pandemic to end.

Then we had the Reddit-driven retail investor shift, in which small time stock owners have united to squeeze every last penny that they can out of Wall Street’s fat cat-owned hedge funds in a move that will undoubtedly be made into a movie in the coming years.

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And now we’re talking about “Rothschild space lasers” on the floor of Congress.

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House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has faced criticism and ridicule for posting a wide-ranging conspiracy theory tinged with anti-Semitic tropes, leading to the #JewishSpaceLasers hashtag trending on Twitter.

Georgia Rep. Greene has on several occasions drawn criticism for espousing inflammatory views on race, promoting Qanon conspiracy theories, and inciting hatred on rival lawmakers. QAnon peddles the unfounded conspiracy theory that former U.S. President Donald Trump is waging a secret war against elite Satan-worshipping pedophiles in government, business and the media.

Media Matters on Thursday revealed one of Greene’s old Facebook posts from 2018, where she made several baseless claims about the cause of California’s wildfires. She simultaneously implied that the fires could have been started deliberately or accidentally by a solar power generating satellite, but either way the fires were conveniently along the route of the planned California High-Speed Rail project.

Green has been an open supporter of the Qanon movement – a position that drew heavy criticism in the past.

Her space lasers belief appears to be based on a story of greed.

In the post, which has now been deleted, Greene implied that the Rothschilds, a wealthy Jewish banking family frequently referred to in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric), space solar power company Solaren, and California officials all had a hand in profiting from the fires.

She specifically mentioned Roger Kimmel on the PG&E board, U.S. Senator for California Dianne Feinstein, her husband Richard Blum, former California governor Jerry Brown, and Michael Peevey who is on the board of Solaren.

House Democrats have introduced a piece of legislation that would expel Greene from Congress, but is unlikely to pass based on the threshold of the vote required to do so.

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