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GOP Reveals Bill That Would Prevent Protesters from Receiving Enhanced Unemployment Benefits

Rep. Banks is going for the jugular.

Thanks to the lengthy threat that coronavirus has posed here in the United States, there are millions of US citizens currently without a job, waiting until our economy reopens and allows them to return to their professions.

This cold take a vaccine, or, at the very least,  a foolproof treatment method for COVID-19 – an illness that is so contagious that our only weapon against it is social distancing.  This has decimated a number of American industries, with restaurants, music venues, sports arenas, and more all but shut down to outside customers.

In an attempt to keep the economy afloat during this trying time, the federal government had provided a temporary boost to unemployment benefits to the tune of $600 per week.  That stimulus enhancement has since expired, with Congress seemingly deadlocked in their attempt to get another relief bill to the President’s desk.

Now, even if they do get this much-needed help out to the American people, there’s a chance that those who participate in protests and riots would not receive the money.

Those charged with violence, looting or vandalism in connection with a protest and found guilty “shouldn’t receive” enhanced coronavirus unemployment benefits “any longer,” Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., told “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday.

Banks made the comment two days after he introduced a bill, the “Support Peaceful Protest Act,” which would also make rioters “financially liable for the cost of federal policing.”

Banks told “Fox & Friends Weekend” that he decided to sponsor the bill after an older couple, who are his constituents, were harassed by protesters while leaving President Trump’s nomination acceptance speech at the White House on Thursday evening.

There’s no telling just how far this bill will get, with the idea of stymying any stimulus a very unpopular one at this point in time.

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