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GROSS: Late Night Standing Ovation for Dark Day in American History

And they had the audacity to call conservatives “deplorable”?

Regardless of your opinion of Donald Trump’s personality or his politics, it is impossible to ignore just how dark and worrisome the indictment of a former President is for America as we know her.

This is unprecedented in a myriad of ways, not the least of which will spark a discussion about the weaponization of the federal government against the presumptive presidential nominee for the party not currently in the White House.

Yet still, the mainstream media is acting as a divisive and inflammatory cheerleader, attempting to conjure some grand joviality regarding the abysmal American situation.

Trump arch-nemesis Jimmy Kimmel said he found out about Trump’s indictment less than two hours before walking onstage, but the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host had no problem filling most of his monologue with Trump jokes, including “The ‘J’ in ‘Donald J. Trump’ now stands for ‘Jail,’ ” and, “He’s going to be read his Miranda Rights. Wait until he finds out that all this time he had the right to be silent.”

Kimmel also had some suggested titles for new reality series Trump might sell, given his circumstances. Among them: The Celebrity Apprehentice, Arrested Developer and, of course, the all-purpose Biggest Loser.

And also:

Stephen Colbert started his monologue by saying, “Literally, three minutes before I walked out on the stage here, the New York Times reported that a New York Jury voted to indict former President Donald J. Trump.” The Late Show host celebrated by eating a heaping helping of ice cream and squirting whipped cream into his mouth.

Colbert then gloated a bit, savoring the moment.

“I used to think maybe it’ll never come, [that] it didn’t matter if it came; I didn’t know it would feel this good,” he said with a smile.

And they had the audacity to call conservatives “deplorable”.


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