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Growing List of News Sites Bolster Breitbart’s Claim of Google-Led Election Interference

Google has made their Orwellian slant quite obvious, and it appears as if they simply don’t care.

There is a real gravity to the internet these days, and a terrible concern that those who steer the stream of information found within it truly have the power to change the world as we know it on a whim.

We used to laugh at Google.  Even the name sounded a bit silly, like most things in the early dot com days.  It was kitschy and cute, and, as such, it was an unassuming moniker.  We saw Google, as an aggregator of our own thoughts, where we could ask this unassuming search bar to send us exactly where we wanted online.

In 2020, however, the name “Google” conjures up something far more sinister – almost Orwellian – as the digital realm’s most influential traffic cop turns toward subjectivity and censorship.

Earlier this week, Breitbart News leveled serious accusations against Google, demonstrating how the search engine arbitrarily censored them in hopes of swaying the 2020 election.  Now, others are joining this accusatory chorus.

Daily Caller editor-in-chief Geoffrey Ingersoll has said that the conservative news website has experienced Google search suppression similar to that reported by Breitbart News yesterday. Based on Google’s defense that it manually blacklists “violent extremism,” Ingersoll pointed out: “We are not ISIS.”

“Specifically we struggled with search slowly dwindling until May 4 exactly. We broke down the analytics. The May 4 flat line is clearly the result of the human hand in the process,” said Ingersoll in a series of tweets.

The accusations from Ingersoll were specific and damning.

The Daily Caller editor revealed that like Breitbart News, the Gateway Pundit, and other conservative websites, Google searches for the headlines of original articles frequently failed to return results from the site.

“There were even instances in which we broke national news, and would not show up in the first page of search results for that particular topic,” said Ingersoll. “In fact not in the second, third, fourth or fifth. Meanwhile, outlets that aggregated or syndicated our work did.”

With less than 100 days until Americans head to the polls, we can only imagine that Google’s election interference efforts will be ramping up exponentially.


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