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Hacked emails show Hillary kept an eye on hubby’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

Did Hillary know that Epstein was trouble way back when?

The recent arrest of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has piqued the interest of a great many well-connected Americans.

That’s because Epstein, a wealthy financier, was a socialite whose wide web was woven though the heart of US politics, Wall Street, and Hollywood.  The long list of prominent Americans who have traveled with Epstein on his private plane, “the Lolita Express” as it has been nicknamed, is staggering.

Now, with Epstein being denied bail just today, there is little doubt that his arrest will soon send deep and disruptive ripples throughout pop culture and the political world.

As it turns out, at least one politician was worried about exposure to Epstein years ago, as revealed by hacked emails released via Wikileaks.

Hacked emails previously published by WikiLeaks show members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign staff routinely monitored the news media for associations between Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein.

A separate cache of emails show Democratic National Committee staff internally circulating stories and social media postings tying Epstein to Clinton.

Emails captured during the hack of the Gmail account of John Podesta, chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, show campaign staff forwarding news articles associating Epstein with Bill Clinton.

One email sent to Podesta from Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, contained a January 2015 BuzzFeed article titled, “Plenty Of Innuendo, But No Hard Evidence Of New Clinton Sex Scandal.” The subtitle was, “Much-discussed documents in Jeffrey Epstein affair don’t live up to the hype.”

“Good,” Flournoy replied.

That was’t the only incident, either.

A February 5, 2015 email to campaign staff titled, “HRC Clips” singled out a column published in the small Times-Picayune newspaper, a local New Orleans limited publication.

The piece tied Clinton to Epstein, relating:

There’s a story going around the tabloids and the trashier parts of the mainstream media that could spell trouble for the presumed Democratic frontrunner in 2016. It concerns a certain (as he would be listed on Louisiana ballots) William “Bill” Clinton.

The story involves Clinton palling around with the very shady (and very rich) Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein, a convicted pedophile who would later donate somewhere between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Presidential Library, reportedly flew with Clinton and a couple of babes to visit the Sultan of Brunei back in 2002.

News clips about Epstein and Bill Clinton from numerous other days were also circulated among campaign staff, the emails show.

Bill Clinton’s longstanding ties to Epstein have been a frequent subject on internet conspiracy forums and alternative media sites, but now that the wealthy financier is again behind bars, the relationship is sure to find itself under new, microscopic scrutiny.


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