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‘Halloween’ Actress Jamie Lee-Curtis Worries About Dead ISIS Leader’s Feelings

Her statement is the epitome of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

The sheer insanity of the “resistance” movement against Donald Trump something to behold.

These are Americans, mostly, who loathe their President simply because he won over seemingly inevitable progressive choice Hillary Clinton.  They can’t stand Trump because he’s not a Washington insider, and his threats to “drain the swamp” are a threat to their corrupt way of life.

Hollywood has jumped on the bandwagon as well, lashing out at the President over everything he is involved in, employing highly offensive leaps in logic in order to make their “resistance” known.

Take, for instance, Jamie Lee-Curtis’ seeming defense of a brutal ISIS leader who was terminally incapacitated by the US military forces this week.

In a televised announcement from the White House on Sunday morning, Trump confirmed that al-Baghdadi had “died like a dog [and a] coward,” adding that the world would now be a “much safer place.”

“Last night, the United States brought the world’s number one terrorist leader to justice,” Trump said. “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead. He was the founder and leader of ISIS, the most ruthless and violent terror organization anywhere in the world.”

“He died after running into a dead-end tunnel, whimpering and crying and screaming all the way,” Trump said, describing the raid as “absolutely perfect.”

While most of the nation was celebrating, Lee-Curtis appeared less than impressed, pointing out the suffering endured by those in warfare that Trump has never experienced.

“He may have died a coward @realDonaldTrump but ALL living things suffer when they are blown up. Anyone who has experienced warfare, unlike yourself, would know that,” she wrote on Twitter. “War is brutal. Dogs are brave, bold, loyal, loving and healing.”

This ridiculous assertion seems to embody the anecdote about cutting off one’s nose in order to spite their face.

Democrats, and the “resistance” specifically, seem oblivious to the fact that they are siding with terrorists in order to disparage their own President.

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