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Harris Concerned Over Mansion Renovations as Border Crisis Spirals

This is simply unconscionable.

There is a bonafide humanitarian crisis occurring at the southern border, and the elected official tasked with preventing further tragedy is apparently spending time worrying about the decor in their mansion.

A massive influx of migrants has begun to reach the southern border of the United States, with many experts, (not to mention the migrants themselves), suggesting that this surge was bolstered by Joe Biden’s electoral victory in 2020.  Biden, whose lax immigration policies are believed to be at fault, has denied this, claiming instead that this is a perfectly normal, “seasonal” situation.

If this were the case, it wouldn’t be so difficult for journalists to access migrant detention centers, of course, which is a fact that seems to fly in the face of the administration’s official stance.

Now, after President Biden tasked Vice President Kamala Harris with curing the crisis, there are reports that the veep has been busy bothering contractors about renovations at the Vice Presidential mansion.

Even after President Biden officially tapped the VP Wednesday to lead in response to border challenges, there aren’t any plans for her to travel south or even address the issue. According to the Office of the Vice President, Harris had no events this past weekend and no mention of border-related activity.

This comes as the Biden administration is now asking for government volunteers to help manage the migrant surge. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has sent memos to agency heads seeking “volunteer deployments” for up to 120 days, Fox News confirmed.

Here’s where it gets infuriating:

In the meantime, while government officials are preparing to volunteer their time to help keep our borders safe, according to CNN, Harris is currently frustrated with the ongoing renovations being made to the vice president’s mansion – forcing her and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff to temporarily stay at Blair House, the president’s official guest quarters.

The administration provided no explanation for renovation delays, leading to the vice president having to reportedly live “out of suitcases” while the nation questions why she hasn’t packed those bags for a border visit.

Harris, in fact, laughed while responding to a question from a reporter Monday who asked if she’d be heading south soon. She replied with what some called a cackle, “Not today.”

The situation is so dire at the border that even Ted Cruz, a Senator from Texas, was denied access to one of his state’s migrant detention facilities by a Biden administration staffer.

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