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HHS Whistleblower Indicates Failure to Act After Mask Maker Sounded Alarm

Het also came prepared with one heck of a doomsday soundbite.

Congress today hear testimony from yet another whistleblower, this time from deep within the Department of Health and Human Services – not someone who thinks they overheard a conversation about a phone call.

This whistleblower isn’t seeking to tie Donald Trump to any extortion scheme, either.  Instead, he is warning that the department heads above him paid no heed to a dire warning from a medical mask manufacturer.

Dr. Rick Bright, the HHS whistleblower, told lawmakers the exact moment that he knew the U.S.’s response to the coronavirus pandemic was doomed.

During his testimony Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on Health, Bright recalled a conversation he had with Mike Bowen, a Texas-based surgical mask maker.

‘Congressman I’ll never forget the emails I received from Mike Bowen indicating that our mask supplier, N95 respirator supplier, was completely decimated and he said “we’re in deep s***, the world is, and we need to act,”‘ Bright recalled. ‘And I pushed that forward to the highest levels I could in HHS and got no repsonse.’

‘From that moment I knew that we were going to have a crisis for our healthcare workers because we were not taking action,’ Bright continued. ‘We were already behind the ball, that was our last opportunity to turn on that production to save the lives of our healthcare workers and we didn’t act.’

Bright also came prepared with one heck of a doomsday soundbite:

‘Without better planning 2020 could be the darkest winter in modern history,’ Bright warned.

President Trump didn’t take kindly to Bright’s assertions, calling him a “disgruntled employee” on Twitter, and stating the he had never met the man.

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