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Hillary Clinton ‘Pleased’ at How Nancy Pelosi is Handling Impeachment Fiasco

No one should be “pleased” about the way this impeachment process is going, let alone the Democrats who have engineered this clandestine congressional catastrophe. 

The grim reality of the Democrats’ situation is now coming into full view, and the party may never fully recover from what is coming their way in the coming months.

First of all, they have yet to come to any sort of consensus about who their candidate will be in 2020.  Lead changes, scandals, and fundraising flops have all plagued the race so far, and, if things get bad enough, they may even have to deal with Hillary Clinton again.

That itself would sink their chances of being competitive 53 weeks from now.

Clinton seems poised to be the party’s own spoiler, however, filling up her public schedule with no other explanation than to gauge public interest in her possible candidacy.

Of course, with this suddenly-vigorous schedule come innumerable soundbites and quips from the former First Lady, with her latest headline-catching drivel addressing the nonsensical procession of the impeachment process.

Asked about the “formal impeachment inquiry on The Daily Show, Clinton remarked:

“I am very pleased that the House today is proceeding in such a deliberative manner. … And so, I’m hoping that, now that this is going to move toward public hearings, where people can see these witnesses in person, they can be like a juror themselves trying to decide, that the American people will make a very careful study of what they’re being told.”

The statement’s blatant blandness was astounding, given that the entire impeachment process has been riddled with ridicule from the start.

First, it was just Jerry Nadler doing whatever Jerry Nadler wished as far as investigating President Trump goes, then it was a “formal impeachment inquiry” being held in near-secrecy.  The latest confusion comes from a “resolution” regarding the rules of engagement that appears more lopsided than a pontoon boat in a typhoon.

No one should be “pleased” about the way this impeachment process is going, let alone the Democrats who have engineered this clandestine congressional catastrophe.

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